Ambess Prepaid offers fast, secure, convenient and affordable bill payment programs. Our programs currently support thousands of global, national and regional billers and offer same day, next day and standard posting times via our card-based, terminal-based and PC web-based applications. Sign up now!


  • Our card-based Bill Payment program allows customers to pay hundreds of bills using a single, registered card. It’s super fast and secure eliminating lines at the register and increasing efficiencies within the store. This is a great solution for local, repeat customers
  • Our terminal-based Bill Payment programs gives you access to hundreds of companies all at the touch of a button on your PosiCash terminal. This is the perfect solution for customers that want to pay a bill on-the-go without the need of pre-registering a card
  • Our PC Web-based Bill Payment application gives access to over 3500 billers via our robust, user-friendly website