Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

Want to buy an ATM? Ambess Prepaid retailers should take advantage of our ATM purchasing power. Want a no-cost ATM solution? We will place ATMs at any high traffic location anywhere in the US utilizing revenue share. It’s at no cost to you yet you still generate revenue with every withdrawal. Our ATMs are loaded by armored car and serviced by certified technicians. Let our armed technicians handle the everyday duties of cash replenishment, cash management, deposit pick up and cash processing. Regardless of your business type, if you have high foot traffic, owning an ATM is a great revenue-generating option. Get a FREE quote today!


  • Owning an ATM machine helps to eliminate your business from having to take checks from customers. ATMs provide your customers with a convenient way of withdrawing their money without having to make a trip to the bank
  • ATMs help attract customers who are trying to access their money – money that they will usually spend at your place of business
  • ATMs eliminate credit card charge backs
  • ATMs save your business money by eliminating the percentage you would usually pay to the bank on credit card purchases; it generates income with every withdrawal
  • Ambess Prepaid can provide ATM transaction processing for your existing ATM and a lot more at NO COST today. There is no down time during the transition and you can start earning a higher profit on your ATM today