Prepaid Wireless – USA/Domestic

Ambess Prepaid offers a wide array of Prepaid Wireless Refills for national, regional and global wireless carriers. In fact, we currently support hundreds of carriers… and the list constantly grows! All products are readily available via the PosiCash™ terminal and the MyPosiCash™ web-portal in both PIN-based products and Real-time Replenishment (RTR). PINs are delivered with instructions on a terminal receipt and RTR Top-ups are instantly applied to the customers existing mobile account. Top-up recipients instantly receive a text message that their phone has been topped-up. Start selling today!


  • With our vast selection of prepaid wireless brands, you’re sure to attract more customers
  • We constantly seek new, innovative wireless products for you to sell
  • Our team ensures you always have the latest products and you’re never out of stock
  • No Credit Checks – No Deposits – No Surprise Bills – No Commitments