Technology Solutions for Merchants/Retailers, Distributors, ISOs

POS Terminals – Countertop Solutions

Serve your customers with confidence by deploying our most popular technology solution. Ambess Prepaid has an assortment of countertop transaction processing devices from which you can profit. We offer single-application and multi-application terminals, dial-up and high-speed Ethernet terminals. All of our compact PosiCash devices are designed with the merchant in mind – easy to install, easy to use and easy to profit. Get started today!

PC/Web Based Applications

PosiCash PC is here! And it’s so now! Get all the functionality of our PosiCash terminals via your web-enabled PC. PosiCash PC is the perfect solution for retailers that deploy PC’s at the point-of sale. Call now and get set up today!

Cash Register Integration

Cash Register integration is for super-sized retailers with integrated infrastructures. With Ambess Prepaid, you’ll have a team of expert developers that are capable of integrating our robust PosiCash program into your existing POS. For details, Call now and speak to an expert!